The BlackBerry is not dead.

Saw the BlackBerry thread, and I'm glad that The Verge still recognizes BlackBerry and the brand and it's large core base. I've seen so many comments and remarks all over the internet claiming that BlackBerry is dead, when, in actuality, it IS growing and it IS way more powerful than WP7 at the moment. People fail to realize what a large fan base BlackBerry still has. Even though I carry an iPhone now, I'm still waiting for the next BlackBerry, because, yes, for me and a million others, there's something about these devices that makes you want to call them your own. Go to a college, or any high school, you will see that a third of those students are still using and loving BlackBerry. Go downtown, once again, a third of people are still using them. If people STILL have them today, well, that stands for something. Go RIM! You still have time for a comeback.