GNOME 3.x vs Unity vs KDE...fight!

OK. Let's pit these titans of Linux against each other.

I use GNOME 3.2 on Ubuntu 11.10. I personally think Unity is dry and empty. I used it for 1 month on Natty/11.04, and found it really... empty. I switched to Fedora 15 with GNOME 3 and all was well. I have sinmce switched back to Ubuntu as I liked Ubuntu better than Fedora, but GNOME 3 was broken on Natty. I have't tried KDE for a while, so can't comment on it.

Unity and GNOME 3 both have the same idea: you have a button up the top that you click and it brings up a dashboard of apps that you can launch. On GNOME 3, this is slightly different, since you press Activities in the top left and it brings up an 'Expose-like' review of all the windows you have open. I find this very useful, as it gives me the chance to close redundant windows that I'm no longer using. If I click apps/Applications it brings up an applications panel where I can launch all my applications at the click of a button. They are also categorized, like the applications menu was in GNOME 2.32, although I believe categorization is leaving in GNOME 3.4 (but I'm willing to bet they'll be an extension to bring it back).

Unity, on the other hand, has Lenses. I don't know much about these as I haven't used the version of Unity on Oneiric. So I'll let someone else explain that.

AS I said, I haven't used KDE for 2 or 3 years, so I don't know what that's like.

So, I want thoughts on each. Try and compare them together if possible.