Steam-Like Contact Requests.. Why Not?

First of all, I want to offer my most heartfelt congratulations to The Verge crew for their tireless efforts in creating what I'm completely sure will be a rich, robust, and genuinely insightful community.  This site embodies the spirit of technology, which is to always challenge the status quo and come up with new, innovative ways of doing things.  Kudos to all for the courage to do exactly that.

PS: I don't know if providing external links is cool in this community yet.  For right now, this is one possible way for us to link to thoughtful content that is produced externally and independently.  Please join the discussion in creating a standard for formatting forum posts like these.

I've never really understood why we are still forced to manually enter contact information into the Contacts app on iPhone.  A list of contact entries are managed by a single person.  Shouldn't I just manage one contact entry - my own - and give people access to that entry?  I discuss this seemingly obvious problem in a blog post.