Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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The next addition to the legendary Counter Strike series, advertised as a hybrid of Counter strike: Source and 1.6 CS:GO is poised to be a highly competitive game. The game has already been tested by 1.6 pros and feedback from them has been used to tweak the game before entering a public beta. Valve will start by activating the 10,000 beta keys they handed out at gaming events and competitions, and using the feedback from these testers to fine tune the game. It will grow in size slowly until it's free for anyone to download and play. CS:GO will stay in beta until Valve and the community agree that it is complete, at which point it will be released to retail with a price around $15-20. 

I personally don't have one of the first keys, but I hope that participating in the community will help me to be accepted in the beta soon after they start rolling out more keys. I played 600+ hours of CS:S which I know isn't a lot in CS hours but I'm really excited for a update to the franchise. Especially because of the attitude the devs have going in on this game. Anybody else pumped?