Major dropdown menu bugs in Opera 11.5

There are a couple little things, like the "previous story" and "next story" panels don't completely line up, but the big one is this:

The "Products" menu has serious issues.  When it appears, it is not properly formatted.  The expected behavior is that it should be relatively short, and as you mouse-over the categories, it displays those stories to the right.

Instead, it doesn't hide any of them, making it an insanely long menu with Cellphones, Tablets, Laptops all stacked one on top of another.

In addition, the target area for making the menu appear is also broken.  Anywhere on the page, as long as your mouse is horizontally positioned such that it would be over the menu if it were open, the menu opens.

Also, I had to post this from Firefox, because the post button didn't do anything in Opera.