Why not wait until Tegra 3?

I am hugely excited about ICS and the Galaxy Nexus looks like a fine bit of hardware, but... Nvidia has made some bold claims about Kal-El and it is just around the corner.

A quad core CPU with 12 core GPU, right up my street! The power-saving fifth core also is pretty exciting. The PlayStation Vita has a pretty beefy quad-core CPU and it look like Kal-El might be similar in power and actually beat the Vita to market. With Sony buying out Ericsson (subject to condition) we could even see a Sony PlayStation phone with equivalent power to the Vita. 

I know there is always the argument that something better is around the corner, it is particularly the case with phones. In this case though we are talking potentially just a couple of months until we get a Tegra 3 phone - my question to you all is why not wait?

It's a genuine question. I am not fussed about the Galaxy Nexus because it's just another dual core. Perhaps the rest of the world don't care as much about processing power as I do?