My thoughts on The Verge

First off, I have never been this excited for a tech site website to launch. You guys blew me away. Holy shit, the site is amazing!

Here is a list of bugs/recommendations/things:

  1. When using the mobile site (iOS) there is no link to the source article. (Yes, I know some articles don't have one.)
  2. The verge icon on the tab in the browser is grayscale for all of the site; however, when you are writing a post on the forums, it is in color. (That's racist.)
  3. Could yall add some way to identify The Verge staff in the forums/comments?
  4. This has been said before, but the RECS button is pretty hidden.
  5. For the tweet button, it would be cool if The Verge had it's own short URLs. SB nation has theirs.
I'm disappointed that the site is not 100% flash.