This is my next... drink

So we have threads on music, TV and even beards and now to go further off topic and onto beverages.

What is your favourite drink and what do you think everyone should try?  Its always good to try something new and what better why to be inspired than by sharing your favourites.

Now I think we all have alcoholic drinks in mind though I suppose the odd soft drink suggestion wouldn't go a miss... though its not recommended!

I guess some helpful headings could be of use... 

Favourite drink: Desperados

Standard drink choice: Vodka lemonade

Interesting local drink (from your country, province, state, city, town, village, hamlet, house...): The End of History from BrewDog - The world's most expensive and formally world's strongest beer (no one said you had to have tried this one!)

Good seasonal beverage: One for Halloween - Brothers Toffee Apple Cider