Hats off to theverge's writing

I just want to say how refreshing it is to see real honest to goodness writing! It seems over the last 6 months some popular tech sites have had to hire some poorly skilled bloggers that can not seem to muster up many original thoughts. Now all they seem to do instead of research and writing is think up silly post titles and think of bad puns to paste into a recycled press release. When they do write, its usually no more than a tweet length sentence, 10 back-links to other posts on their site and then an embedded youtube video or photoshoped image that coincides with the bad joke in the post title.

So, its just day 1 but I'm enjoying having things to read again. I hope the editors and writers challenge each other to keep up the quality writing and not resort to posting blurbs just for the sake of back-links and self gratification like we have become accustomed  to with the old tired tech sites.