Could 10 Minis be the new Xserve?

If Thunderbolt is 20Gbps each way, why do we still need Fibre Channel? Could a bunch of Minis daisy-chained with Thunderbolt be Apple's new killer server product?

The problem with Apple's current server offerings is that they don't offer enough redundancy. There's no dual power supply, for example. But Minis are so cheap - and only getting cheaper - and you can fit 3 across a 1U mount. So why make a power supply or hard drive redundant, when you can more easily make the entire machine redundant?

I'm not a sysadmin by any means, just a humble coder. I'm pretty sure Lion Server isn't yet capable of this, but I can't think of any reason why it couldn't work in principle. Can you make a whole computer hot-swappable? Can you make 10 computers act like one, and deal with it gracefully when one suddenly fails?