Eerie similarities between The Verge and Giantbomb.

Not sure how many of you guys follow video game news, but Giant Bomb is a video game news site formed by Jeff Gerstmann and friends in 2008 after he was (allegedly) fired from gamespot for giving a low score to a game whose publisher had bought a lot of advertising space. Giant Bomb went on to provide some really high quality content and they also implemented some really cool stuff in terms of tech on their site. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Josh and the crew left AOL due to them not liking the way AOL run their sites and have also created their own site whose goal is to provide really high quality content. I hope The Verge will be able to secure a place in my heart right next to Giant Bomb. What really makes that site stand out are the personalities: all of the writers contribute in some way to their video features/podcast and you really feel connected with them after having read/listened/watched for a while. It would be amazing if The Verge were able to achieve that level of intimacy with its readers.