What do you want in a 2012 iMac?


via jf.omnis.ch

The current iMac's are the bees knees balancing power and a sleek design, but I'm holding out until the next refresh to buy one. What innovations do you think will come out of Cupertino next? Do you think Ivy Bridge will come standard, do you see a March release? Or maybe April (depending on what type of schedule the iPad is currently on). Will it be given a lot of attention, or simply a casual update that happens without any rumor or fanfare. Personally I'm hoping for the typical processor and graphics bump but I'd love USB3, or at the very least the announcement for a Thunderbolt to USB3 conversion cable. Judging by the new 27 inch display it seems like they may be able to go slightly thinner, maybe dropping the optical drive. I feel as though the screen sizes will stay the same as they offer a great happy medium. If the Mac Pro is indeed doomed to be cut from the Apple lineup the iMac would have to pick up the slack, a third tier option with extremely high specs could happen. Thoughts, speculation? I feel like this wait is going to be harder than I've thought...