Any Micro Four Thirds fans here?

I don't know about you guys, but I've been in love with the system ever since the Panasonic GF1 came out. I know there are some who'll say, "Get a DSLR; m4/3 cameras aren't much lighter anyway, and it's negligible when you're carrying all your lenses." To them I say, "sorry, I'll probably be carrying the camera around my neck, where weight does matter, and I'd also like a rangefinder styled camera with a good pancake lens (either the Panasonic 20mm or the new X series 14-42mm)."

Then there are those who say, "If you want mirrorless, get into Sony's NEX lineup. The image quality is better due to that APS-C sensor." My answer is, "true, but only m4/3 gives me these small lenses and in my mind, achieves perfect size/quality ratio. The NEX lenses are comically big on that camera body while the selection is small, and also, I just think the NEX cameras are kinda ugly."

My most-wanted cameras right now are the upcoming GX1, the Olympus E-P3, and the Panasonic GH2 (for its video capabilities). The only thing that holds me back right now is price. I know m4/3 isn't the most popular topic on these here camera forums, but I can't be the only fan. Can I...?