Is it worth buying a Zune now?

I've been a Windows Phone owner since January, and it's been great. The Zune Pass has been an excellent service so far, worth every penny. As a consequence, I'm listening to more and more music nowadays - but my current phone (Omnia 7) only has 8GB and a day's worth of battery. So I need something with enough storage (my music library is about 30GB) and a long battery life (say 16hrs). I may be getting a Lumia 800 in the next month or so, but that's still only 16GB and I don't anticipate the battery being much better than I have now.

Getting a Zune 80GB/ HD 32GB seems like the obvious option, what with the Zune Pass, but as I live in the UK, they're hard to come by. I've also heard bad things about the battery life, a problem which would only be worse on a second hand device.

My other option is to wait until next summer when my contract is due for renewal and hope a phone with lots of storage and a large battery will have been released.

Any advice - either on the Zune's battery life and how to get one in the UK or otherwise - welcome.