PRIVACY VIOLATION: The Verge Fails to Protect Privacy

When I setup an account The Verge I specifically chose a screen name so as to have an anonymous identity on these forums when posting.  I have nothing to hide, but I prefer not to splatter my name out their online -- this is partly why I do not have a Facebook account -- you never know when and how something can be used.

I recently did a search for my name on Google to find some patent applications on which I am an inventor in order to check their status.  Instead of seeing the patents come up as my first result, I found my personal "Blog" on The Verge with links to all comments I have made.  Of course Google has now cached this, as they will cache this comment.

Go ahead, try it yourself.  Search for your REAL NAME and see how The Verge kindly divulges your screen name.  It's too late for whatever has already been cached in Google, but The Verge needs to put an end to this.  I, for one, will no longer post comments to The Verge.

I have never seen a forum reveal a user's real name in this way before.