Console or PC?

Console or PC

Whenever a new graphics-intensive game comes out, I always think to myself which platform I should buy the game for.  About a year ago, I built a pretty fantastic PC especially for Crysis 2 (what a let down!), but the thing is still plenty powerful for anything out there.  So, now that I'll be buying MW3, Battlefield 3, and Skyrim, I'm asking myself the same question.  

I'm thinking for the FPS games, console is best since all of my friends will be playing them on Xbox Live.  As for Skyrim, I'm thinking the PC version of the game will have much better graphics and I'd rather play the game using a mouse and keyboard (All Bethesda games feel kindof clunky with a controller).

So what do you think? If I go the console route, I'm thinking I should probably sell my PC and spend the money on a nicer TV...