Bluetooth keyboards for Android...where the hell are they?

I own an htc Flyer, and i love it. In particulat, i love being able to view websites in all their glory. For the most part, I had been completely fine with using the onscreen keyboard for minimal typing. However, ever since the Verge came to life with this fantastic forum, i've found myself typing a whole lot more...which came with a problem. The more I typed, the more mistakes i made. Adding to that problem is that the reply window is small, and the onscreen keyboard takes up quite some space (particularly in landscape mode). 

So that's when i decided that a Bluetooth keyboard was the answer to my problems. Instead, i found myself with a new problem: Where are the Android compatible Bluetooth keyboards?

I went to Amazon to see if i could find any, and the choices where downright abysmal. The closest thing that i found even remotely ideal was the Mini bluetooth keyboard...sold by several vendors, and i  some cases it seemed to come with different names (but according to my exhaustive search, they're all manufactured by the same chinese company). Despite all of the bad reviews, i went ahead and bought one for $13 (no big loss if it turned to be crap right). I should have saved my money, because as it turned out, it failed to function right. I searched for a solution, but the best thing i could find was a free app that would resolve my connection issue...which required your device to be rooted. I'm not quite ready to root my Flyer just yet, so that's not an option right now.


That left me searching for an Android compatible bluetooth keyboard...and that search has left me high and dry. I thought about maybe getting the Motorola Xoom's keyboard, but from what i read, it's been set up to function only with the Xoom or a PC (so much for that idea). Unless Google has failed me, htc hasn't come out with a Flyer/Jetstream  keyboard (and i haven't read any rumours of one).  So far, all my searches for adapting existing keyboards for Android use have turned up zilch (maybe I suck at searching on the web). 


Am I out of luck (at least for 2011), or did i just miss something??? Can somebody point me in the right direction? It doesn't have to be a tiny keyboard (although, i'd love that, i just want to avoid a full sized desktop model. Ideally what i want is something i could use for thumb typing. 

Your advice.....