Description for my new iPhone app, what do you think?



This ain't no ordinary Basketball game, the survival of all sports is in the palm of your hand. Basketball has been kidnaped while trying to get to Dubai for the Wold Cup of Street Basketball by the Somalian pirates who thought they could blacmail the world and get tons of money, but the world is going trough rough crisis and could't pay on time so the pirates left the basketball somewhere in the African jungles and gave it time from sunrise till sunset to finish some games they had tought of, if basketball doesn't finish them on time it will be left in Africa lost forever. Use your talent and brain to complete the levels and defeat the Pirates in their goal of destroying sport. 

It features: 
• The most addictive gameplay. 
• Three fantastic episodes with more than 30 levels. 
• Amazing graphics. 
• Combination of realistic physics with simple, yet accurate, and precise touch controls
• Game Center. 
• Use logic to score and finish levels.