HTC Radar 4G Owners...Lend Me Your Ears

I'm currently an Android owner, and have been for a while. Right now I'm using a Samsung Vibrant, and I am 100% positive that I will be switching to WP7 when my contract is up (or when I can convince T-Mo retention to give me an early upgrade).  I'd like to stay with T-Mobile, as I have a wicked grandfathered plan that I won't even be able to come close to anywhere else.  I'm leaving Android because of fragmentation (my device, once a flagship device, seems to be stuck at Froyo, and without a ROM running on it, it's useless), battery life (I'm a little above moderate user, listening to music and/or podcasts all day, and if I can go 10-12 hours, I'm lucky), and I just really like the WP7 interface.

I've been looking at the Radar 4G, mostly because it's the only new WP7 device on T-Mobile.  I've read every review, watched every video, etc on the device.  It looks pretty nice.  Now, I mentioned that I listen to a lot of music, and the phone only has 8GB of storage.  However, I think that this won't be an issue for me because of Spotify or Zune Pass (I'll gladly pay for either).  In any given day, there are only so many hours that I can actually listen to music, so in the AM, I can either download a few albums to my device, or wifi sync a few from my personal collection via the Zune Desktop software.  I'm not the type who has to have every single piece of music he owns with him at all times. Plus, if I get an itch for something, I can do some limited streaming via Zune Pass or Spotify (to save on data, as I have a grandfathered "unlimited" data plan capped at 5gigs).  That, and any photos I take I can have transferred out to my SkyDrive, keeping the device relatively clean, and using that 8 gigs wisely.

Anyway, if you own a Radar 4G, I'd love to hear your impressions after actually owning it for a few days.  How's the battery life in the real world?  Is the camera pretty impressive, as I read in the reviews?  How about the feel in hand/construction? Basically, any impressions you have of your Radar (good or bad), I'd love to hear them from someone who owns the device, not just someone who tested it for a day.