Will Google TV/Apple TV replace dedicated gaming consoles, TVs and PCs? (plus more!)

Not really sure if this is the correct section, but hey.

OK, so I've been thinking about dedicated gaming consoles, and specifically if I want to get rid of my PS3 and get a new generation hardware Google TV with ICS preloaded.

I have come up with this theory:

In 5-10 years, dedicated gaming consoles won't exist. TVs preloaded with versions of iOS/Android will dominate the TV and gaming console (PS3, 360) space, because they will be easy to set up (no wires, like normal gaming consoles nowadays)  and will be able to do more than dedicated gaming consoles, because at the core of these new devices will be the internet TV function; you could watch both live TV and prerecorded (BBC iPlayer, for example) on your TV, in your living room or bedroom, with little to no hassle.  You will also be able to play games on these TVs, since the console will be built into the hardware (a version of Tegra 3 in the Google TV, for example, and a core A5/A6 in the Apple TV) and developers will slowly move over to these new platforms to make games such as Call of Duty, Need for Speed, or Dead Space. These TVs could also replace PCs, to an extent (although I believe a truly post PC age is still quite a while off) with web browsing directly on the TV (possibly using phone/tablet to see things better) , and applications such as 3D Max, Maya, or Adobe Photoshop coming to TVs in the future. 

The advantage of all this would be:


  • I could sit on my sofa/couch in my living room and browse the web, talk to friends through apps such as Skype (and a camera in the TV) and play games.
  • Internet TV/catch up TV (iPlayer)  would be much more easily accessible, because it would be directly on your TV; while these kinds of things are on TVs at the moment, I find they are cumbersome to navigate. I usually watch catch-up TV or my PC or my tablet, which both have better interfaces.
  • If there was less scheduling (because of more internet TV and people watching programs when they wanted, instead of when broadcasters wanted them to watch), we could finally get rid of TV guides, which in this age, waste paper and make your house look messy.
  • Gaming would be a lot easier, as games would be cheaper (no packaging), and no discs, meaning again games would be cheaper.
  • OnLive could also play a part in the gaming.
  • PCs will still be needed for quite a while, as they can sit on a desk and be ready when you need them. However, I believe PCs will gradually become ARM based (Windows 8 is going to work with ARM, and if the next version of Mac OS X supports ARM...). 
  • Chromebooks will also be more embraced by people, especially people who simply want/need to get on the web.
Smartphones will also replace portable gaming systems such as the Nintendo (3)DS, PSP, and PlayStation Vita, because a smartphone can do more (call and text, mostly). Smartphones are also getting as big/bigger than gaming consoles (the PSP had a 4.3 inch screen, which is normal size for most smartphones these days) and the PS Vita has a 5 inch OLED screen, whereas the Samsung Galaxy Note has a 5.3 inch screen. However, it will still be difficult to integrate dedicated controllers on a smartphones. I'm not sure how this could be done (possibly an attachment?) without making the smartphone any bigger or thicker.
Anyway, there we go. Hope you enjoyed my vision of the next couple of years in technology!