The Verge Team Daily Drivers : Phone Edition



So you want to call [verge editor who gave a low score to a phone you like] a biased fanboy, but theres a problem.  You don't know what device [biased fanboy verge editor] has deemed worthy enough to be called their "daily driver".  Don't worry I'm here to help.  I've been silently watching the verge editors through their bedroom windows late at night listening to the podcasts and following the verge team on twitter for the past year and have pretty good idea what devices most of our Verge overlords are currently using.  However, this list is not yet complete and I need your help.  Are you secretly dating Joanna Stern? Do you and Chad Mumm bro out on the weekends? Is your name Vlad Savov? Now is your time!  Use your inside information to help me correct and complete this list:

  • Joshua Topolsky - iPhone 4S / Nexus S (hey Josh, what color is it?)
  • Paul Miller - iPhone 4 
  • Nilay Patel - iPhone 4 / Droid X2?
  • Laura June - iPhone 4  
  • Johanna Stern - Droid 2 Global (white)
  • Chris Ziegler - iPhone 4 with giant auxiliary battery pack (Chris changes phones and breaks 2 year contracts very frequently, also he owns multiple kerbangos)
  • Dieter Bohn - Nexus S (running cyanogenmod 7)
  • Vlad Savov - Nokia N9 (Vlad seems to have found his soul mate in the N9)
  • Sam Sheffer - iPhone 4S (Sam is somewhat underwhelmed with the 4S but begrudgingly continues to use it)
  • Chad Mumm - Giant silly clown phone 4G (Samsung Infuse)
  • Sean Hollister - ? 
  • Jacob Schulman - ?
  • Thomas Houston - ?
  • David Pierce - ?
  • Thomas Ricker?
  • Joseph Flatley - ?

Note: This post is written in a sarcastic tone and is not meant to actually encourage accusations of bias against the Verge editors.