Games you wish for a sequel knowing it shouldn't happen

Have you every thought I wish they would make another one of those I really love that game?

Well I have so I thought I might see what other games people wished for a sequel or another entry but in their heart they know its better left were it is or if its already happened feel fee to mention that too, think of it as group therapy for the shattered memories/dreams the new game left you with.

Oddly enough for two of my favortie games/franshices the reasoning is the roughly the same. Jet Set Radio and Panzer Dragoon, both of these were created by Smilebit which sadly dissovled by in 1998.

Jet Set Radio

Apart from having some of the best video game sound track/music* you can hear partly down to some excellent sample work by Hideki Naganuma, it also brought Cell shading to the video gaming world which you might have also seen in Gearboxes Borderlands. Wasn't to fond of the changes to the Graffiti system in Jet Set Radio Future but that was still a great game.

Why it shouldn't come back: The strict time limit nature of the levels don't really fit well with modern game design and I can't see any developer leaving the unqiue style the games had alone with out trying to real world it a bit assumning the even kept the Cell shaded aspect (although The world ends with you is very close in style to Jet Set Radio). At best I can hope they release JSR on xbla.

Panzer Dragoon

Spanning four games (counting what I have played not Mini or R-Zone) this was a game very much in the after burner style, well except Saga but I'll get to that. Even though Orta might have prettier the best of the seris at least to me was Panzer Dragoon Saga, four discs of some the best RPG gaming I can remember.

Why it shouldn't come back: One game, Child of Eden. If nothing else its shown that on rails shooters even HD ones just don't sell or justify the price anymore, I bought and still own CoE as a huge fan of Rez, now on the other hand another Saga game well now we might be talking.

Ultimately the people who made both these franchises what they where aren't there anymore and chances are anyone coming after words are not going to make them the right way, so I guess thanks Team Andromeda and Smilebit.

So there you go, if you have any examples of your own stick them in the thread.

*And yes I am listening to the Jet Set Radio soundtrack at this moment.