What will the phones be like in 2 years?

I just started thinking about this when I commented on the Josh's post "This Is My Next: the Galaxy Nexus". Back in March, after waiting for seemingly months on end, I got myself an HTC Thunderbolt and immediately considered myself a part of the mobile future. 4G LTE! 8MP camera! 4.3inch screen! HTC Sense!  On and on and on.....

Well, things sure have come a longgggg way in just 8 months. I'm looking at you Galaxy Nexus. Just looking at the the tasty treat that is the UI of the device, you can tell that it truly is the future of our personal communicators (really, why is anyone still calling them phones? And they're taking steps away from the "cell" factor). Heck, they're even adding barometers into phones now! Clearly they're running out of things to add into our devices.

Or are they?

Innovations never stop in technology. Looking back just 2 years, could you even imagine our mobile devices would be like they are today? I can't even fathom what they are going to be like in just another 2 years!

What do you think they'll be like? Pico-projectors, completely transparent, twistable, "double-tap to teleport"??