PSA: Zune does work on the PC, Xbox, and Mobile.

Josh said in the latest podcast that Microsoft lacked the ecosystem that supported the Television, Mobile, and PC. 


If you purchase and or rent a video on the Xbox, you can download/stream it to your Xbox, you can download/stream it to your PC, or you can download it and put it on your Zune or Windows Phone 7 device. 


I'm not sure how that went over Josh's head for this long. It's actually fairly neat to own the content and never have to store it locally anywhere UNLESS you want to put it on your phone or Zune. 

Microsoft needs to SHOVE Zune down every Windows 8 users needs to be the default media player on every Windows 8 PC....or if they're going to rebrand it.......they need to do that now, and launch with the re-branded player with Windows 8. 

Anyways...thought it needed to be said.