18. Why is THERE always an age limit for a job position, Verge Senior Editors?

Why is it that there the age limit to become a writer is ALWAYS 18? This is not the first time you have imposed that limit. (I.E. Thisismynext.com and even engadget.com)

Maybe a background would be helpful. I'm 14 and live in Los Angles and an avid technology enthusiast. I am also a huge admirer and follower of you guys since engadget.com. I listen to your podcast weekly and as Josh said the podcast listeners are one of the most devout followers of The Verge. My ideal job since I was 11 is to work with you guys, become an editor, and fulfill a dream, a fantasy.

But every time I see a call for writer, I see an imposed age limit and that just makes me mad.
What is wrong with people under 18 being a technology writer? Ok, I obviously can't become a full time writer, yet. But, I do not see what is wrong in becoming a weekend editor. Is it because you think a teen does not have the ability to be a good writer, lacks the proper English skills, does not possess the ability to full commit to something? Well, you are wrong. Some teens, like myself (not intending to sound vain), posses the ability to commit to something long-term. To have a job and do it properly with a burning passion. And if its, parental issues, I am sure my parents would agree to wavier any liability.

There, my rant is finish. I am in the process of sending a resume in regardless.
Thank you for reading, Verge Senior Editors.