How I'd Fix Sony Television

This isn’t the first post I’ve made about Sony, I don’t want to come across as a Sony fan boy but some things need to be said. I want to quote Nilay from a comment in my post about Sony's mobile future:

"I feel the same way about Sony as I do about Microsoft: it’s like trying to help someone do a puzzle, but you’re standing across the room with your arms tied behind your back and all you can do is yell. "Move that piece over there! No — the other one! Put it right next to that one!" The opportunities for brilliance seem so obvious that the lack of execution is incredibly frustrating."

Nilay worded this better than I ever could. I am incredibly frustrated with Sony when I look at their company, see their potential yet realise there are so many wasted opportunities. I see the same thing with their television business. Sony announced this week they are investing heavily in a different kind of TV set. I have had some thoughts on how Sony should change their TV business and would like to share them with you.


A loss making venture

This year isn't looking great for Sony, but really it's a exceptional year for Sony with the earthquake, London riots, PSN hack and so on. In reality Sony is doing okay with the exception of their television business. It's easy to see why too, Samsung and LG offer equal or better quality sets for a lower price, no wonder Sony are selling fewer TV's.

Sony has an OLED capability, right?

OLED has to be the future for television. We all know that OLED will allow for a contrast previously unimaginable. Sony have been showing their OLED wares for years. As early as CES 2007 Sony showed off a 27" OLED prototype.That's five years ago now. People have raved about these prototype displays. All we have seen so far however is a tiny consumer OLED screen and a similarly small professional use OLED screen - the excuse being there isn't a consume market for larger OLED's yet.

Here's what Vlad had to say about the 24.5" glasses free 3D HD OLED diplay at CES 2010:

"Sony is showing off its 24.5-inch OLED television here at CES, and we have to admit to being blown away once more by the sheer vibrancy and clarity of the output."


There are some very rich people in the world

Most of us would never dream of spending around £10k ( $16k) on a television. In fact most of us simply can't afford it. However rich people exist, trust me I've seen them. Rich people spend this kind of money happily on Bang & Oflusen televisions, you don't even need to earn the money yourself, you can just be a politician taking my tax and treating yourself

My point (I have one, really)

I am going somewhere with this. Sony makes some nice looking LED edge-lit LCD TV's - imagine what they could do with OLED. Yes it would cost a fortune, but who cares. Charge your premium and get some of these panels out of the door. Let the rich start buying these panels and start recovering your R&D costs. After a few years with economies of scale the cost of manufacturing will reduce and then you can start selling to the wider consumer marker.

Sony, please don't be outdone again. Please be the first to bring OLED TV to market in a major way.