Logitech Revue vs. Boxee Box " I purchased both today."

I bought a boxee box off a gent from Craigslist and i bought a logitech revue @ comp USA. i paid 100 bucks each. Any one one else have both? I love the local media playback of the boxee box. but the full blown browser on google TV is so kick ass. I'm writing this post COMFORTABLY on my couch. I went to best buy and i tested the revue and a sony google tv the sony google tv was much more responsive and the browser was noticeably faster. I assume because of the update the revue still lacks.  So to get to my point which of the two devices do you think will be better lets say about 6 months from today? From a usability stand point the revue has the boxee box beat. Wish there was a way to control both with eh revue's keyboard remote. They both are very different but i thought it would be fun to strike a conversation about comparing the two. 

Thoughts, pictures, advice on getting the most out of either or both. Please do share.