How is your Android Market? (for non US folk)

I live in Japan and the Japanese Android Market is a utter disgrace, it would make you want to sign up for an iphone. I have been with Android and had the first android phone in Japan- the htc magic. Initially the market was a universal market with popular tranding apps being the US/worldwide ones, but now its the local stuff.

For example in the top free "tough love lite" a stripping cute girls malware app, in top paid is "jiggle boobs" and Oppai choice (titty)  as well as a plethora crap anime and horrible slot games etc etc Puerile and inane and no class at all. Quite embarrasing really. Steve Jobs is laughing from his grave.

Might have to root my phone and get  the US market and see what proper apps are popular and trending.


SO anyone else stuck in country with a similar pathetic version of Android market?