The Best hardware in your Hackintosh that a Mac doesn't have

In most cases Apple computers are really good machines but we Mac users are guided on rails as to what we can add to them. Some times I would like the option to get derailed and get some other needful hardware that Apple doesn't offer for a Mac.

You can get so much for a PC and some people think it is the same for a hackintosh but it isn't so. You still fall into the guild lines of a Mac and what OS X can support. But you still can get more hardware for a hackintosh then you can ever for a Mac.

So as the the thread title states, what is the best hackintosh hardware that you can throw in a hackintosh that you cannot get in a Mac?

So lets see what you guys have that maybe some of use haven't thought about maybe using or didn't know about.

I know a couple right off the top of my head, Blu Ray and a higher end GPU, especially higher end nVidia cards.

oh and an eject button for your optical drive ;)