Adobe's green printing. Coming soon

I recently got a chance to see an exclusive demo by Adobe showcasing a new technology which promises to save you paper and money. Its called Green Printing. It works as a plugin in browsers, Microsoft Word and other popular programs. Here's how it works 

1. It works on the premise that the standard one column layout of a document wastes a lot of space. Taking a queue from the newspaper industry, they save paper used by rearranging the text into columns. Multiple columns. Just like a newspaper. 

2. When printing charts in greyscale, they color fill is replaced by patterns which are easier to differentiate. 

3. It saves on average 30% of your paper. 

4. They show you the amount of money and paper saved after every print. For organisations and personal use, you get a weekly or monthly report. 



Its not free. You don't have to pay for it upfront. After using it for a certain amount of time, you'll be charged a fee based on the amount of money you saved so the technology pays for itself. Its supposed to be 'coming soon'.