This Is My Next Unicorn: the iPhone 5


VIA This Was My Next

Business Insider has some fascinating tidbits about the iPhone that wasn't. According to their solitary source, the iPhone that was featured here was real, when here was known as This Is My Next and Josh, Paul, Nilay, Chris and Joanna had only recently departed from the AOL Way. The tapered back, the four-inch screen, the enlarged home button/gesture area were all spot on. Some things of note not mentioned elsewhere were the off color screen, possibly meant to hide screen improvements, the 10 megapixel camera, and colored iphones using the anodizing process seen in the iPod Nano line since second generation.

Was it the threat of fragmentation of a new screen resolution that made them abandon, or at the very least postpone, the iPhone 5? Were there technical issues that weren't solved in time? Did they have trouble getting the color of the aluminum to match the glass? I guess we will have to wait and see what Apple does next year. Till then, it's just more speculation to add to the rumor mill.