When I went to college, not that long ago, I searched high and low for an affordable way to connect my PC and game consoles to the same screen. There weren't many options, because computers' VGA cables and televisions' RCA and S-Video jacks didn't get along well. I ended up carrying two CRTs to university, and separate speakers too. I could only dream of something like the PlayStation 3D Display, on sale today, for my dorm room.

Today, of course, HDMI is all but the de facto standard for high definition consumer connectivity, and just about any full-featured monitor will work. But with a 24-inch 240Hz 3D LCD screen, active shutter glasses, and dual HDMI 1.4a inputs, Sony's jonesing to scratch your stereoscopic 3D itch at the same time it declutters your dorm. For $500, Sony even throws in a game. But does the PlayStation 3D Monitor do the job for both work and play?