Vergecast 002 Review

Intro Music

Kinda creepy, I like it. Sounds like lobby music in the waiting room of hell.


Paul is evil, we're off to a good start. Mary Poppins spoiler alert.

Nook color

The first 5 minutes of the podcast was "playbooked" but got better once android fragmentation was brought up. The new Coke bottle has Netflix streaming (might be a diet Coke exclusive) and Paul is the only person who still uses it. Moving on once Josh does any impression that is not Steve Jobs.

Lenovo ideapad

Doesn't have good battery life, but is sexy. It just doesn't respond well to touch (smearing and touchpad). 20 minutes later, they're still talking about touch and instead of firing Nilay, Josh quits.

Droid Razr

Terrible display, hard to hold, and motobump will make your hands eyes and bleed regret if you buy this over the Galaxy Nexus. I didn't know this o/\o means high five. Joanna leaves with a rock an roll o/\o

The biggest challenge in robotics is Josh isn't interested, and wants to be Paul's psychiatrist

Paul really wants a robot so he can watch more crappy Netflix streaming.

webOS fate meeting

webOS has had the slowest death of any technology in the past 5 years. But at least it's not Android. Essentially webOS will become a patent troll tool or an Android skin.

Adobe kills flash...

...on mobile devices...soon to be desktops too. I wonder which is worse, flash, or the Asus Zenbook touchpad. Microsoft pulls a "me too!" It's a good thing HTML 5 will provide Olympic coverage in 2016. Zombie Steve Job's would be proud.

Nvidia Tegra 3

Don't blink or you won't hear this section.

On the Verge

On the Verge is going to be a reality show about Nilay's parents and Josh going to strip clubs.


Draw a line on my foot so I can bet a horse in the sand. I give the the first half of the Vergecast a high five o/ and the second half a low five /o. It averages out to a well deserved 6.