Next year's Nexus is the one to have???

After sitting down to think about my next purchase, the Galaxy Nexus, my first Nexus device, and thinking about processor developments, I came to the conclusion that the next Nexus is definitely the one to have.

Every Nexus seems to come out in the winter. The Nexus One was the first (and in my eyes only) Nexus that came out with class leading, drool worthy hardware. Note, I'm not saying anything about how good the phone is, is directly related to drool worthy hardware. I've come to understand that the Nexus devices are all about showing the best Google optimisation.

The Nexus S came out just before the dual core phones started hitting at the end of Q1 '11. Though because of it's optimisation, people still love using it today. Topolsky and Myriam Joire among the people singing it's praise. 

The Galaxy Nexus is coming out just before we are going to see a slew of quad core beastly phones to debut at CES and MWC and which will be hitting at the end of Q1 '12.

After quad core SoC's? Well my guess is that it will take a while to optimise quad cores and the architecture will change to increase the bandwidth within the cores rather than adding more cores. (I'm guestimating from the PC market). Which means the next Nexus, probably arriving in winter '12, will be best placed not to have drool worthy hardware, (mainly thinking about CPU/GPU) not to be massively outdone by the summer.

Of course, guessing processor development is kinda like sticking your finger in the air?

Any better guesses???