Amazon's well-received Kindle Fire and the Kindle Touch (Wi-Fi and 3G models) are now shipping. That's one day early for the 7-inch Android tablet, although it's still likely you won't be getting yours today — a few of us who pre-ordered day one are still seeing a "Shipping Soon" status with estimated arrivals of 17th and 18th. Meanwhile, the Touch devices are a whole six days earlier than previously announced — our own Chris Ziegler notes that his Kindle Touch 3G is in that current limbo state of not yet shipping but not cancelable anymore.

The early arrivals are good for pre-orders, but they likely won't help anyone who's just now deciding to pick up a device: according to the current product listings, those who purchase the Kindle Fire now will have to wait an estimated 3-5 days, whereas Kindle Touch buyers will wait an even longer 8-9 days.

Update: On a personal note, my Kindle Fire order just updated with an estimated arrival of tomorrow (previously was for the 18th). Keep an eye on your email for any shipping updates throughout the day!