Limited comment history

So like many readers, I've been contributing to the discussions by commenting on official posts and forum posts. Because The Verge has an internal comment system, you view your history through your profile, which is a good way of seeing how many recommends and replies you have to each. However, it appears that only the 30 most recent posts will be tracked, with no current way of viewing old comments. Maybe it's just vanity that wants to see how many bumps my comments get, but if someone actually wants to easily view what posts they commented on, there's no way in the system. I was hoping that there was a hidden "next page" button somewhere, but @vergesupport just confirmed that "There really isn't an internal mechanism to view any other than the most recent area on your profile."

Is anyone else disappointed in this? If the system can't support comment history, should we go to Disqus or something?


Comment at your own risk (of losing your oldest comment).