New Good Science Fiction

I want a good Sci Fi book to read.

I've sort of dropped off my novel reading in the past few years and I think I have to unplug from the snack reading of Internet and sink into books again.

But I go into book stores and the "Sci-Fi" section is full of Fantasy.  Vampires and Lord of The Ring knockoffs.  And perhaps Star Wars novels.  Quality "hard" Sci-Fi seems to be thin on the water nowadays.

So who are the sharp Sci-Fi writers now?  Who are the new William Gibson and Bruce Sterling?  Are there any recent books that would make me go "Whoa, I've never looked at the world that way!"?

The last one that did that to me was Vernor Vince's "Rainbow's End", set in a world of Wearables... where everyone with smart contact lenses that put an overlay of Internet and Enhanced Reality over everything.  One of his Singularity themed books.

So what's new and good?