Front Page is a MESS!

So I can understand the need, the wanting to stand out in the crowd. But I have to say that when I first loaded the Verge on opening day, I was bombarded and dumbfounded by the immense amount of information on the front page. Some stories were actually shown in two different places. I thought it was information overkill. And to put it bluntly I still do think the front page is just way too crowded. It can be a pain to load this page sometimes on my girlfriends netbook. And on my Infuse 4G "silly" phone, forget about navigating the full site without tapping the first review your finger touches. 

Yes I will admit that I fell in love with the tried and true formula that was the Engadget homepage, and I was really hoping for something different with your new project. But alas, Im saddened by the confusing glob of mess that is this front page. I cant get over it. I think it needs to have a little more direction, and maybe just a little more organization. And please for the love of god place all the videos somewhere with a link on the homepage. I hate having to hit every single review hoping there will be a video there. 

Sorry for the harsh crits, but it has to be said. This all coming from a day-one Engadget reader. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.