The Verge should combine the Scores with the Date

Someone suggested that the scoring should get scrambled altogether, but I hate that idea. I hate that engadget did this (actually I never go there anyway, but thats another story).

BUT I do think that there is some valid criticism to be made: A phone that gets an 8 now, would have gotten a 9 a half year ago. The reviewer mentions this often in the reviews or comments.

The problem with this is that when I compare two products, I often times am not aware of the time the review was given. Also many people don't get this concept. They just see the number and really think that a phone that got an 8 two years ago is better that the latest one because that only got an 7.7.

So my suggestion is two pair up the Date and the Score, e.g. like  this: new Verge Score

It's a small change, but I think this will make people more aware of the time context in which  the score has to be seen. (Maybe that will lead to less comments like "OOOOMG the iPhone has not a better [insert feature] but received a 9 for it and this [new phone] got only a 7!!!!!!").

What do think?