Synesthetes of the World, UNITE!

I'm curious to see if there are other synesthetes among the technorati that frequent the Verge. If you haven't the slightest clue about what synesthesia is, see here. I believe that for me, this perceptual oddity extends to my emotional responses to tech gadgets and is one of the reasons that I have an affinity for Apple and Nokia designed products.

For the curious, I see colors in typographical forms and typographical forms in colors—most prominently in numbers, so here's the rundown for me:

0 is black
1 is white/silver
2 is yellow/gold
3 is green
4 is orange/red-orange/bright red
5 is blue
6 is red/brick red/dark red
7 is light brown/bronze/amber
8 is black/dark blue/dark neutral brown
9 is purple/purple-brown

Am I crazy? Probably. Anybody else?

UPDATE: For those who wonder what synesthesia can be like, here's Michel Gagné's synesthetic experience commissioned by Brad Bird for Ratatouille. Unsurprisingly, I love this scene from the movie, even though it is not similar to my experience.