Thoughts on Verge: An open letter to Josh, Paul, and Nilay

Listen. I was up until 5am on the first of November waiting for your site, I've been a fan since Engadget and avidly followed the progress on until The Verge launched. I'd just like to say that I'd like my life back.

I'm a college student in Syracuse studying journalism with a 19 credit semester and a spot on my school newspaper producing three, sometimes four weekly columns. All I'm saying is I can't keep up. Every time I log onto the site there are ten or more well realized, well written, worthwhile pieces of content. The interface is beautiful there's no lag the forums are friendly and the site is regularly updated. 

I find myself waking up early in the morning to read the three tabs open from the previous night only to accidentally hit the refresh button and find more enticing headlines. My teachers have noticed a lack of motivation concerning definitions of various journalist vernacular and an increase in turning their weird phrases into the names of albums and or bands that my friends and I may or may not be creating.

Friends I've had for years now struggle to keep a conversation with me going without hearing "did you see what they posted on The Verge?!" or "Man, I heard that on The Verge days ago." I also may have told my advisor his netbook was like poison to me. So guys, please. Add some filler, clunk up the interface, add some trolls, and run your website off of bandwidth left over from geocities pages. Stop providing me with two hour podcasts rich with humor and insight, an hourlong video with a great interview and FaceBook page that updates itself frequently and unobtrusively. Seriously guys, get your head out of the game.


- Brandt.