Paul Amsellem, Nokia's General Manager in France, has been quoted today as saying the company will have a Windows 8 tablet in June 2012. That piquant disclosure was made in an interview with Les Echos newspaper, where Paul was discussing the imminent launch of the Lumia 800 in the country and Nokia's plans to lure the 60 percent of French people that still don't have smartphones over to the Windows Phone side. Unfortunately, most of the interview related to the phones and all we have to go on with this tablet are the date and Windows 8 mention, but isn't that exciting news in and of itself?

Back on the smartphone side, Paul has gone on to compare the Lumia 800 to a BMW 5 Series, adding that Nokia will soon have a 7 Series and a 3 Series to go along with it. That gives us a hint that the company's inevitable expansion of its Windows Phone portfolio will include more form factors, with the larger "7 Series" Nokia probably being of greatest interest to the US market.

When asked for comment, a Nokia spokesman told us, "we have not announced any specific plans as it relates to tablets."