The State of webOS


As it stands, the beloved (or much maligned) webOS has found itself in a very familiar position; on the Verge of death.

Before we get to the real meat of this conversation let's look back at a very condensed history of webOS formerly known as WebOS.



  • webOS first showed itself at CES 2009, unveiled to positive tech-world response.
  • The actual release of the first webOS device, the Palm Pre, was much after CES, in June later that year.
  • In those months from unveil to launch iOS had continued to prosper, and Android begane to stabilize.
  • Following a few upgrades, Palm began fluxing and was consumed by HP in April 2010. 
  • Immediately following the acquisition Palm stock soared, and it seemed the inevitable rise of webOS hardware would soon take place.
  • HP announced the Touchpad, Pre 3, and Veer and immediately prior to the announcement it was rumored that the devices would be available in a very short term time frame, possibly that same day.
  • Once this failed to actually happen it seemed HP had pulled a Palm and fell short of hype and expectations once more.
  • After the less than warm reception of the Veer, HP launched the Touchpad, shortly thereafter cancelled it and slashed prices by 80% prompting a large slew of bargin hunters/curious tech-minded individuals to go batshit and swipe them up as quickly as possible.
  • HP fires CEO Leo Apotheker and appoints Meg Whitman as CEO.
  • Meg holds a emergency meeting stating "We don't know what to do with webOS" and gives a 3 to 4 week timeline before a public choice is made.

That brings us to now.

Now it's been discussed over and over about the possible licensing/sale/patent stripping of webOS, but what I really want to know is the public opinion on this mobile OS. Given the state of the mobile world do you think it's feasible that if attractive hardware were put out with a nice scope of features HP could begin to contend for 3rd or 4th spot against RIM or WP7?

Would any of you consider using webOS if there was clear support and a future for it?

Even though I'm quite fond of webOS and the community surrounding it, I think it's too far gone for wide appeal unless a large amount of money is sunk into it. To drive developers to create the apps needed to bring in users.

Or would anyone like to see webOS licensed to HTC, Samsung, LG, etc. and put on a splay of form factors?

HTC Mockup of Palm Pixi Successor by Appstache