rant....Android OEM's don't compete with the iPhone

This might already be obvious to some, but I don't think Android OEM's consider themselves in competition with Apple.

Yesterday, I was watching TV when the iPhone 4s Ad came on.  I don't know how I didn't notice this before, but seeing that Ad reminded that just about every one of Apple's ads always tout's a feature.  It doesn't matter that the feature is useless, overhyped, and actually unoriginal, but for millions of non-techies, it's the first they've ever seen it and its "amazing" to them.  Having to read and listen to smug and entitled iPhone users all the time, it bugs the living hell out of me.  

And what really started to frustrate me is that for all these features (video chat, apps, camera, voice, etc.), every Android OEM could have made this ad months ago...touting an Android feature.   Instead, they make stupid ads that have almost nothing to do with the device until you see the phone at the end.  

The only reason I can think of is that when it comes down to it, Android OEM's don't care about Apple.  They don't consider themselves in a competition with Apple, but only with other Android OEM's.  

They don't want to tout Android's features b/c in their minds, that would also be free advertising for the competition.  I guess when you look at the numbers (Android's 50% Market-share vs. 18% iPhone), it makes some sense.   But still, WTH?  Have some Android pride and for one and for all, bury these smug assholes.