Galaxy Tab 10.1 european change

There is this image of Galaxy Tab "redesign" flying around the internet. (and it will end up on verge eventually i guess)

Galaxy Tab redesign

What strikes me the most is not that it is pretty small change. But that most of the android or samsung defenders claiming it looks nothing like iPad actually support their claim with the clearly visible logo on the face of the device hence there is no need to change the design.

There is NO Samsung logo on any sold Galaxy Tab. None. Not even the one from 2010. Only on several PR images and pre-production units. There is only one image of it with logo on the official samsung site while all the others dont have one. Every review i have seen (except those using only PR images) show the unit without it. This means that these people don't own one, they have never seen one, held one in hands and were not interested in it enough to notice such a difference. Otherwise they would not state such an obvious lie and call others dumb for not noticing.  Yet there is so many of them! Why is that?