Couple issues with speed

I know part of the problem is that i'm on a work computer (HP Compaq 8000 Elite) with crappy integrated graphics, but the videos like the review of the HTC Rezound, are extremely choppy to the point that they are almost picture shows (2-5fps?). I haven't had any problems with other Flash players that show HD video before (like those on Vimeo), so i'm not sure what's going on. And i'm not talking about internet buffering. I'm talking about video card choppiness. The audio comes in smooth, fyi.


The other *feature request* that I have with regards to speed is the comments on the articles. Once an article begins to have alot of comments, the page really fills up with alot of data and bogs it down on slow machines. I wish that comments could be loaded dynamically through AJAX if requested. I think the Disqus system does this. It could load 50-100 at a time with a button at the bottom asking to load more. But by default, the page would load with just the article and that's it....and if you like having some comments shown, just show the top 5 most recommended comments in the default view.

This would save bandwidth on the website, load quicker, run smoother, and look cleaner. Having 200+ comments load up automatically by default is not ideal.