So, how'd you pimp the Verge today?

I went into Best Buy today for two reasons, number one, I needed a case for my Kindle Fire. Number two, a cute girl works there. 


But, first this dude helped me.....and I told him I had a Kindle Fire, needed a case. No cases yet. However, we talked about it a bit....told him the browser was disappointing. Showed him the Verge. 




Now he has. He said he was gonna check it out at home.  I think the human race will be better for it. 

Girl thing went well too. :)

Also....I keep gushing to everyone I know about how much I love the video that the fine guys and gals are doing. 

So, how'd ya'll pimp the Verge today. Sharing on a social network is not enough. Be a rag tag foot soldier ya hear?