With Ice Cream Sandwich righting the wrongs of Honeycomb three days ago in terms of source code availability, possibilities for mods and custom versions are blossoming again. CyanogenMod 9 is now under development, with a loose arrival date of January expected. Version 8 had been reserved for Honeycomb, but has now been skipped over due to Google holding on to its source code. Cyanogen also states on Twitter that the Gingerbread-based build (7.2) will continue to receive attention while version 9 is put together. The custom software is being developed on the Galaxy Nexus which launches today in the UK, so if you're keen to be among the first to install the ROM, you know which smartphone to get. 

Bringing CM9 to the TouchPad and Nook Color is in the works, though we're told it'll take a bit more time to complete, particularly for the Nook Color.