done with android & onto iPhone.. Now not so sure

I've been an Android fan boy since day one, actually better yet, day zero, before their was a phone to be held in ones hand and back when Android was just a project at Google. I Pre-ordered the G1 the moment the page went live and the rest was history.

3 years and 8 different Android phones later, I finally decided to hang up the fanboy towel. I gave up on Android and it sporting a cohesive UI that offered the great features it offered why still looking elegent and being able to last a full day on a charge. 8 Android phones from the G1 to the Samsung Vibrant to the Nexus One to the G2x to my current Sensation (and many more) and still I can't find that consistent experience.

1 1/2 years ago I switched to mac and it changed my thoughts on computing for the better. I could have a nerdy OS that was beautiful and refined and yet still fully featured. I dabbled with iPhones previously but my overbearing fanboyism would never let me admit that I liked it. But after the announcement of the iPhone 4s, i was dead set on owning one. Just as soon as my contract ended with T-mobile that is.

This was all set in stone.... That is, until I saw this video today

Not much the hardware but rather Android 4.0 looks sooo good. It finally seems like they realized how important UI and consistency and User Experience is.


So whats your thoughts? Does the Galaxy Nexus and ICS make you want to switch away from iPhone? or were like me and on the verge of leaving and this is helping you stay?


I am about 80% sold on the Galaxy Nexus but still could go for an iphone when my contract ends. Android always seems to rope me in with new releases but they bad hardware, bad software skins and carrier bloatware are a huge problem with Android. I want piece of mind from my phone and while i hope ICS offers it, Im not so sure it will deliver