Exactly one year ago, Barnes & Noble made an interesting move, one no other company in the tech industry had yet been bold enough to make: it released the Nook Color for just $249.99. The 7-inch Color was positioned as an alternative to E Ink e-readers; it was a bit more expensive than the traditional Nook, but you could reach out and touch the screen, enjoy rich color publications and books, and surf the web in the Android-based browser. It was a fairly big hit, but even more interesting was that, without the assistance of B&N, the Color became an even bigger hit amongst techies — many of them turned it into a cheap tablet by rooting it and loading it up with Android apps.

The Nook Tablet is the realization of the vision those techies had for the original Color — it’s a real tablet, so much so that B&N even put it in the name. With a new dual-core processor, 16GB of memory, improved app store, and a few more multimedia features, this year Barnes & Noble is hoping that the Tablet can capture the hearts of those out there looking for an iPad alternative that’s more than just a color e-reader. But will it? We’re not talking about a holiday season like last year’s, where Android tablets were still in hiding and Amazon wasn’t on the scene. Does the Tablet live up to its name? Can it extinguish the Fire? Read on to find out.